1. Introduction
  2. Setup guide
  3. Functionalities
  4. Report a problem


Welcome to the manual of the SEOshop – CleverReach app. This app will basically allow you to synchronize your SEOshop webshop to your CleverReach account.

SEOshop is a hosted ecommerce solution that allows you to set up and run your own online store. It is one of the fastest growing SaaS e-Commerce platforms of Europe. Read more about SEOshop at: www.getseoshop.com.

CleverReach is a highly efficient e­mail marketing software that can be used to produce professional e­mails online, send them securely, measure success and manage recipients. CleverReach was founded in March 2007 as a technology provider for e-mail marketing and currently assists thousands of clients worldwide with the sending of e-mails, the management of recipient lists and the measurement and analysis of e­mail campaigns. In a few clicks you can create and individually design landing pages and registration forms for your own website.

To use the app, you therefore need to own a CleverReach account or have to setup an account.

Installing and using the app is very simple; you actually only need to setup once to forever use the synchronization process. Basically, the app’s functions are:

  • Automatically sync your SEOshop customer base or e-mail subscribers (you can choose) to groups in your CleverReach account: e-mail address with customer details.
  • Import segmentation criteria, such as birthday, gender, region, country, but also product information, order information etc.

1.1 Requirements

  • SEOshop webshop back office account
  • CleverReach account


2.1 Install app

Install the app via the SEOshop App Store.

1) Login to the back office, go to General > App store. Find CleverReach and go to app detail page. Click the blue ‘Install app’ button.

2) Fill in your back office account username and password and click next. Approve the permissions and you will be re-directed to the app interface.

Remember: after this step, the app is already installed in your back office. If you want to de-active the app, go to General > App store > My purchases and cancel the app.

3) Login using your CleverReach account details. Fill in an API key to connect to CleverReach’. You can find the API key in your CleverReach account, under Account > API. Copy the API key and paste it in the app interface.

2.2 Setup CleverReach account

If you do not have a CleverReach account, you will be able to create an account during the installation process. Follow the steps provided by CleverReach. After setting up an account, please go back to the app interface to proceed with the installation.


CleverReach allows you to make groups to manage the different kind of subscribers. The basic functionality of this app is to synchronize your SEOshop customers with groups in CleverReach.

If you do not have created a group yet, please go to Receivers > Groups, and click ‘Make new group’ in your CleverReach account.

3.1 Sync your customers and/or subscribers

SEOshop already differentiates between all customers and people that have ‘opted-in’ for your newsletter. You can choose which customers you want to include, as it may be that you want to send important messages to all customers.

Therefore, in the dashboard of the app, there are two options (tick):

  1. Sync customers with this group
  2. Sync newsletter subscribers with this group

Select a group in the dropdown—you may need to refresh if you have created a new group using ‘Refresh’—and click ‘Save’. It may take a few minutes before the customers show up in your CleverReach account. As of now, your new customers or new subscribers are automatically added to your chosen CleverReach group. You can start sending beautiful e-mails.

Option: automatically add fields to this group

You can decide on how to update contacts/subscribers in your groups. You can choose between adding new contacts, updating existing ones or doing both.

3.2 Custom fields

Custom fields are subscriber details that can be added to the e-mail address. Once you've set up custom fields, you can create segments of subscribers based on their custom field values. You can manage custom fields in your CleverReach account (in groups > segment > new segment).

Custom fields that are automatically added are gender, phone, mobile, company, city, region, country, language, confirmed opt-in, product nr., product name, order date and more. We will add new custom fields when there is an update of the app.


You may wish to report a problem or provide feedback on the app. Your feedback goes a long way towards making our products even better. Go to Account > Report a problem. You can report bugs or request new features for this app. You will hear from us within 1-3 business days.